2013-2014 at BFT

Clybourne Park

By Bruce Norris
September 12-28, 2013
Directed by Mel Christian

Other Desert Cities

By Jon Robin Baitz
October 31-November 16, 2013
Directed by Janelle Cochrane

Noah's Ark

By Ginny Cunningham
November 17, 2013
A staged reading
@2:00 pm

Free to the public
Donations accepted

The Seafarer

By Conor McPherson
December 5-22, 2013

Produced by
City Equity Theatre
and BFT

BFT Season Tickets
do not include admission
to The Seafarer.


By Craig Wright
February 6-22, 2014
Directed by Ellise Mayor


By Ronald Harwood
April 3-19, 2014
Directed by Mark Castle

The Book Of Liz

By Amy & David Sedaris
June 5-21, 2014
Directed by Bethe Ensey

Gidion's Knot

By Johanna Adams
July 24-August 9, 2014
Directed by Don Sandley

March 7-23, 2013
Written by Bruce Norris
Directed by Mel Christian

M Bates Redwine
Annalisa Keuler
Emana Rachelle
Billy Ray Brewton
Lavell Galloway
Josh Roberts
Carron Clem
Shaun Matthews

Production Program
Video Trailer

On two separate afternoons, 50 years apart, a modest bungalow on Chicago's northwest side becomes a contested site in the politics of race. September 1959: the house is inadvertently sold to the neighborhood's first black family. September 2009: gentrification brings a young white couple planning demolition. A hilarious look at two battles over the same house.

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8:00 pm.
September 12: Opening night reception after the show
September 19: Pay What You Can ($10 minimum)
September 20: Talk-back with the cast after the show
September 22: Matinee at 2 pm

October 31-November 16, 2013
Written by Jon Robin Baitz
Directed by Janelle Cochrane

Salena Whalen-Stalker
Barry Austin
Holly Dikeman
Debbie Smith
Tony Lovell

Family drama center stage in Birmingham Festival Theatre's 'Other Desert Cities'
4-star review from Alec Harvey

A novelist daughter arrives at the family Christmas with the memoir she plans to publish. She's asking for a blessing. But she learns she doesn't know the whole story. Can the family that survived a tragedy survive the spotlight a second time?

Thursday, October 31: Opening night reception after the show
Thursday, November 7: Pay What You Can ($10 minimum)
Friday, November 8: Talk-back with the cast after the show
Sunday, November 10: Matinee at 2 pm

"A showcase for five fine actors"
Alec Harvey on THE SEAFARER

City Equity Theatre welcomes acclaimed, and busy, actor Drew Tombrello back to Birmingham in 'Seafarer'

Video Trailer by Marty Higginbotham

December 5-22, 2013
Written by Conor McPherson
Directed by Alan Gardner and Francie Gardner

Drew Tombrello
Patrick Ian McCall
Judd McCluney
Edwin Booth
Bates Redwine

As a supernatural Christmas tale, The Seafarer occupies a mythic middle ground between Frank Capra and Charles Dickens. It is Christmas Eve, and middle-aged mediocrity James "Sharky" Harkin has returned home to the coastal Dublin suburb of Baldoyle to care for his recently-blinded brother, Richard. When friends and rivals come calling for a friendly game of poker, Sharky strives to steer clear of the bottle—but an unexpected visitor arrives to play for the highest stakes imaginable.

Ticket Information

The Seafarer, by Conor McPherson, presented by City Equity Theatre and Birmingham Festival Theatre. Evening performances will be held Thursdays-Saturdays, December 5-7, 11-15, and 18-21 at 8 pm, with Sunday matinee performances scheduled December 8, 15, and 22 at 3 pm. ALL SEATING IS GENERAL ADMISSION.

February 6-22, 2014
Written by Craig Wright
Directed by Ellise Mayor

Designed by Christophe Nicolet

"...Mesmerizing and provocative..."
Read the 4-star review from Alec Harvey

Stephen Mangina
Amanda Maddox
James Kitchens
Ron Dauphinee

A wide-eyed young couple is starting a new life in sunny, promise-filled Florida, with big plans to open a chain of Gospel motels. An agitated neighbor and a caustic exterminator complete the eclectic foursome as destinies collide. You know the result from the outset ... or do you?.

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8:00 pm.
February 6: Opening night reception after the show
February 13: Pay What You Can ($10 minimum)
February 14: Talk-back with the cast after the show
February 16: Matinee at 2 pm

April 3-19, 2014
Written by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Mark Castle

Jack Heidt
Jesse Bates
Pam Elder
Julia Gibbs Matson

A wicked, funny, joyous play about art, the eccentricities of age and the celebratory power of the human spirit! In a retirement home for musicians three former opera singers are sitting out on the terrace. The tranquility of their summer day is shattered by the surprise arrival of Jean. A gala concert is about to take place at the retirement home to celebrate Verdi's birthday, but there are issues. Is there any chance that the show will go on?

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8:00 pm.
April 3: Opening night reception after the show
April 10: Pay What You Can ($10 minimum)
April 11: Talk-back with the cast after the show
April 13: Matinee at 2 pm

June 5-21, 2014
Written by Amy Sedaris and David Sedaris
Directed by Bethe Ensey

Camille Spratling
Daniel Martin
Debbie Smith
Bates Redwine

Sister Elizabeth (Liz) Donderstock (of the Squeamish colony) is squeezed out of her life's work. How she and her colony's attempts to cope with the change paint the backdrop for this smart comedy by the brilliant Sedaris siblings.

Video Trailer for The Book of Liz at BFT

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8:00 pm.

June 5:
Opening night reception after the show
June 12:
Pay What You Can ($10 minimum)
June 13:
Talk-back with the cast after the show
June 15:
Matinee at 2 pm

July 24-August 9, 2014
Written by Johnna Adams
Directed by Don Sandley

Ashley Bishop
Kelsi Adams

Over the course of an unexpected parent/teacher conference in a 5th grade classroom, a mother and her son's teacher have a volatile conference about Gidion. This heart-wrenching, devastatingly beautiful work about the power of words and freedom of expression explores the dangerous, emotional, and often painful world of elementary school.

Video Trailer for Gidion's Knot

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8:00 pm.
July 24: Opening night reception after the show
July 31: Pay What You Can ($10 minimum)
August 1: Talk-back with the cast after the show
August 3: Matinee at 2 pm

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